J a c k i e   D e n t



I have worked on thousands of stories. Here is a small selection — a mixture of hard international news, social affairs and the light-hearted:

An American Spy Base Hidden in Australia’s Outback New York Times
Is mindfulness all it's cracked up to be? Good Weekend
How to dismantle an atomic bomb Neighbourhood Paper
Last rites Good Weekend
Blacktown Native Institution - Ground zero for the Stolen Generations Blacktown Arts Centre
War on trial The Sydney Morning Herald
Kabul's wheels of change The Sydney Morning Herald
The Marcos dynasty The Sydney Morning Herald
Meet Laura Brown, the fashion editor shaping up to be Australia's answer to Anna Wintour The Sydney Morning Herald
Accidental empire Monocle
Still evolving—Darwin Monocle
Wrestling star Madison Eagles The Sydney Morning Herald
Is it time to negotiate with the Taliban? CNN
Women CEO's struggle to the top The Sydney Morning Herald
The white glove scandal The Guardian
The Egyptian people smuggler The Bulletin
NATO talks CNN

Special projects

The Heart of Punchbowl—press release on wonderful project I worked on with photographer Andrew Quilty about Sydney's Lebanese community
The Edge—interviews with New York art critics for short film about photographer Tamara Dean
Skateistan fundraiser:—interview on 2SER, —Curvy profile

SBS Television & Online

Drug users getting younger
Illiteracy amongst tradies
Investigating art crime
Nursing homes embracing ethnic customs
Sex workers rally for improved rights
No support for slaves in NSW
School of hard knocks

United Nations

South Sudan
Humanitarian aid reaches remote, conflict-torn community
Kandahar women head back to the class room
The poor widows of Herat
Interview with World Today—UN struggles to deliver food aid
Pakistan villagers brace for vicious winter
Flood-affected farmers miss planting season
The Caucasus
Shell-shocked children in Chechnya


Animal surgery & experiments
Exclusive: Ex-head of ASIO, David Irvine, on data retention laws
Does your dating site know you better than you?